Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day Oot, 2014

The volunteers at the Salmon Bothy have a Day Oot each year.  On the 19th of August 10 volunteers set off for Upper Banffshire.  

Their first stop was Glenfarclas Distillery.  

Cheers from Moira, Lorna, Derek and Len

Brian, Alison, Aileen and Moira

The intrepid group then headed for the Mill at Knockando. 
 Lunch came first then a guided tour of the mill.

Lorna, Len and Derek enjoy their plate of home made tomato soup.  

The guide explains the spinning and carding to Doris.

Doris is shown how the woven material is teaselled.

Next it was off to the Cooperage at Craigellachie.

The group were amazed at the pace of work at the Cooperage.

The day ended at Delnashaugh.  Jack and Moya joined the group and all had an amazing high tea.

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