Thursday, 20 September 2012

Open Doors Day and Aquarium Open Day

The Bothy had a special opening for Aberdeenshire's Open Doors Day on Saturday. Other venues included PORT's boat-shed by the harbour, Portsoy Past and Present, Durn House and several other interesting venues around the town.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and we were delighted to to have lots of visitors – the Bothy had over 70.

On Sunday, we set up a display about the Bothy and the Boat-shed, at Macduff Aquarium. Once again, there was a good deal of interest from visitors - and we were able to watch the fishies! Many thanks to everybody who helped with these events.

Bothy Volunteer Brian Smith beside the stand at the Macduff Aquarium Fish Fest

Paintings by Jim and Ann Johnston - exhibition upstairs at the Bothy until 27th Sep 2012

New Picture Hanging System up in the Bothy
We're now fully equipped for top notch exhibitions with funding from the Community Council Common Good Fund and a willing volunteer to install it!