Monday, 16 November 2009

November 16th

Welcome to the Bothy Blog, a place to find out the current happenings at the Bothy. We welcome new ideas and input from everyone so please do post your thoughts...and tell us what you think.

This week I've been working on the development of the Bothy website and it is now ready to view on It is entering its testing phase so please provide any feedback you have regarding design and functionality. It will replace, but still link to, our previous site which has provided a valuable foundation for the re-design.

Sunday saw the last of our Sunday talks -another very interesting presentation from Pete Danks about the Faering Project - now known as PORT (Portsoy Restoration and Training) a group of young people who run their own boatbuilding workshops. They are doing amazing things and continue to grow and develop- looking into new premises, purchasing kits and teaching the skills to build them. The projects fulfils not only practical skills training but also proves to develop social skills, confidence, communication, team working - all very important life skills which set them up for finishing school and making their own way in the world.

Friday night was a less than usual Friday 13th for us as we embarked on a film shoot of 'Folk at the Salmon Bothy'. But not any normal Folk evening.... This was a Hogmanay themed evening complete with Big Ben sounding out the Bells at midnight as well as good spirits (in both senses of the phrase) and first footers. The recording which featured several very talented musicians, compered by Lorna Summers and Bob Philips was recorded by James Kerr and Bob and will be posted on YouTube on Hogmanay. You can have a look at some still images of the process here. We will be doing our own count down so look out for more news on that coming soon….