Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Steadfast Tin Soldier at the Bothy

Wednesday 6th April - Puppet Show at the Bothy

Many thanks to all who came along to Wednesday afternoon's puppet show, The
Steadfast Tin Soldier. It was a great success with almost a full house
(about 50-50 adults to kids), and our thanks go to Joy Haynes of
Banyan Theatre for her skill and technique in telling a story, and
keeping calm a crowd of very young children. A lovely lady and a
gifted performer.

It ended the way all puppet shows should - with the grown-ups wiping
away a clandestine tear, and the kids jumping around planning their
next raid on the ice cream shop.

Special thanks to Joy, her roadie Ian Halket of the Folding Theatre
Company; John and Helen Munro for doing almost everything else - box
office, raffle, stickers, balloons and general jollity and did I say
balloons?; Doris and Anne for being kind and looking after everybody;
and thanks to our latest recruit, Ursula who was very helpful. May
they all live happily ever after ....
The end.

see: for info on the Puppet animation festival