Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring-time Speakers starts this weekend

Sunday's at 2.30pm - £3 entry Upstairs at the Salmon Bothy.

10th March - Pete Danks - Portsoy: A Community of Boatbuilders
The traditional art of Boatbuilding has undergone a revival in Portsoy. Pete will talk of the many interesting projects that are ongoing, offering people in and around Portsoy, of varying ages and experiences, the chance to learn a whole set of new skills…

17th March - Prof Ian Russell - 'The Sailing of the Boaties at Boddam: Community, Craft and Cultural Tradition'
Boaties' are a model-making skill unique to the North-East that dates back at least 150 years. They are based on the traditional Scottish herring lugger known as the 'fifie' and sail without rudder, motor, or remote control, depending on the skill of the maker/owner to trim the boat and set the sails appropriately. They are made in various sizes from 1ft 6ins to 4ft, but boats as large as 6ft have been made in the past. The centre for hand manufacture is Peterhead district, and, every summer in Boddam at the Den Dam, boaties are sailed competitively in various classes. Some of the boaties taking part go back many years, their hulls having been re-painted and re-fitted many times.
In this illustrated talk I plan to outline the history of this remarkable tradition, its role in the community, and how it has been documented and revitalised.

24th March - Lorna Summers - Salmon Fishing Comes to Portsoy Lorna completed an MLitt in Ethnology and Folklore studying Salmon Fishing, last Summer.  She undertook extensive research consulting with former salmon fishers to obtain an accurate picture of the industry on a local level through the ages. Lorna  has never been better placed to give us an insight into into Salmon Fishing and how it came to be such a thriving industry in Portsoy.

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